The film “Belle”



“Was thinking of lawyers like you when I wrote the character of Davinier.
Please know that without your efforts (and those of others like you),
our world would be nowhere!”

– Amma Asante (Writer/Director)




Celebrity Big Brother (Shilpa Shetty/C4)
Mona Awad (HBOS)
Colin Cook (King Fahd Academy)
Mary Fogarty (USA)
Joanne Sawfoot (Steiner school)
Ruby Schembri (HSBC)
Selina Scott (BBC)
Howard Shaw (Met Police)

Valerie Shelford (MOD)
Belinda Sinclair (Met Police)
Melanie Stark (Harrods)
Esther Thomas (Sun newspaper)
Megan Thomas (8 Member Club)


Firsts reported include –
first unfair retirement claim (George Condon);
first discrimination by email claim (Charles Russell);
first equal pay for black worker claim (Francis Birmingham);
first age discrimination for being too young claim (Megan Thomas);
first national security ET claim
the first racial harassment by media claim (Esther Thomas);
first wasted costs order.

Media: Newsnight; Today programme; Panorama; BBC News; ITN News; C4 News; CNN; Moral Maze