"We restructured and lost 18 staff, some of whom were known to be difficult. We were successful and had no ET claims"

HR Director of £m company

"Sound and practical advice on issues that are faced by most businesses - helped us avoid costly litigation"

Tallat Mukhtar Tiles Etc

"We instructed Equal Justice because they get to the heart of the problem quickly and offer a clear litigation strategy. The difference between Lawrence’s analytical and practical approach and that of other lawyers is as between chalk and cheese. Lawrence inspires confidence"

Company Chairman

"It is impressive. I hope it continues to go well"

Tony Blair
Former Prime Minister
We currently work with a number of employers, both large (Governments and blue chip companies) and small, providing a full range of human resources and legal support services. We have a 100% success record for our employer clients.

We recognise that Employers often believe that ET claims are too costly in this over-priced legal market. We therefore offer fixed or capped fees for defending ET claims, from first advice to advocacy at the ET. For example, one Bristol IT company was told that the ET claim would cost £100,000 to defend. We capped our fee at £25,000 but did £52,000 of work for it.

We also offer fixed-term contracts for HR and pre-ET work ranging from 12 to 36 months. Our fees vary according to the size of your business and the level of support required.

A Different Approach

Unlike many firms offering human resources support, we do not believe that one size fits all. No two businesses are the same and we pride ourselves on taking the time and care to understand how your business works and what it is that you are trying to achieve.

We apply the same client care principles to our business clients as we do to individuals.

Our experience is that many businesses (with justification) regard increasingly complex employment legislation as a barrier to achieving their goals. We combine common sense, sound legal knowledge, and plain English to overcome this. Our advice is relevant, practical and clear-thinking. We work with you, not against you.

Our aim is to support you to make fair and effective decisions, and to apply our expertise to defending those decisions if the need arises. Fair decisions within an effective strategy mean that you win.

Employment disputes are costly and disruptive. We can assist your company to make costs savings by offering training and guidance to managers with the aim of improving the working environment (which normally results in more productive staff and higher levels of staff retention).