The importance of obtaining quality representation

When you face problems at work, or have been dismissed, you need immediate access to expert legal advice. Unfortunately, many providers of employment advice are not specialists but will still charge you thousands of pounds for their services. 

Employment tribunals (originally set up to be ‘lawyer-free zones’) have become increasingly legalistic. Perhaps for this reason, 95% of litigants-in-person lose their discrimination claims and the few that win achieve lower awards. 

The main problem most claimants face is obtaining affordable but quality advice.



Affordable fees

We are aware that the legal market is very over-priced. We are also aware that ET (issue and hearing) fees have been introduced to deter claims. We are a human rights firm and believe that claimants should not be costed out of justice. The ET does not make the loser pay the winner’s costs, so whatever happens the Claimant has to bear his/her own legal costs. Although, we do not have a legal aid contract, but we have devised methods to keep costs low through:


  • Free 30 minute consultation
    the first 30 minutes of all initial meetings are free. (subject to conditions)
  • Capped/Fixed fees
    eg: although the claim will cost £30,000 of our time, we agree to act for a capped fee of £12,000.
  • Insurance cover
    Home Contents and Motor insurance policies often offer free legal expenses cover (up to £50,000) for advice and representation at Employment Tribunals. If you do not have this, obtain it now, if you believe that you will face dismissal or further harassment in the future. Look for policies which offer first day cover and avoid those with first 90 day exclusion clauses.
  • Recovering your costs
    in about 50% of cases, we manage to settle the claim and to recover most or all of our client’s costs under the settlement agreement. In these cases, they receive a free service after the reimbursement of their costs.
  • No win, no fee agreements
    If your claim has a 60% chance of success and of settlement, we may offer you a no win, no fee agreement on a contingency fee of 25% plus vat. This will cover all of our costs except any disbursement (doctor’s fee, barrister’s fee and ET fees) incurred.
  • Seeking costs Orders
    Where the Employer has acted unreasonably in the defence of the claim we seek costs orders and wasted costs orders for our clients. We obtained the first reported wasted costs order.
  • In-house advocacy expertise
    many law firms expect you to pay for both the solicitor and for the barrister. Our lawyers perform both roles. We believe that a competent solicitor should be able to represent their client at the employment tribunal and win.



We find solutions

We pride ourselves on achieving successful outcomes. Litigation is expensive and stressful, so we apply the maximum pressure on employers to leverage quick but substantial settlements.