Lawrence Davies Wins Discrimination Lawyer of the Year!

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Channel 4 News, Metropolitan Police: new unit to deal with internal discrimination complaints

Channel 4 News featuring Lawrence Davies, Director of Equal Justice.

“Here, officers and other staff of the country’s biggest police force expect to be victimised and have their careers damaged if they complain about discrimination. A two-year inquiry into the Metropolitan Police has described the situation as “unacceptable”. Channel 4 News has learnt that a new unit’s being set up to handle complaints of discrimination, as our Senior Home Affairs Correspondent, Simon Israel, reports.”

Channel 4 News (2016) Metropolitan Police: new unit to deal with internal discrimination complaints. Available at: (Accessed: 15 September 2016).





EJS Wins Best In UK Award

We were honoured to receive the award for The Best HR and Legal Support Services Law Firm in the UK (December 2015). For more detail, see below:

AI Awards

Winners Announced!

It’s been a truly exciting – and surprising – 12 months for the global legal market.

Some of the most successful and well respected legal firms have started to feel the pressure as profits begin to grow, due to the steadily improving economic conditions. Smaller firms have also noted rise in the workflow, caused by a number of different factors, such as the increased volumes and importance of game changing legal implications, triggered by the wider use of technology in their day to day activities.

Moreover, market competition has, without doubt changed the legal landscape significantly, which has, in turn caused many boutique and mid-sized firms to change their approach towards new business in order to stay on top and maintain their strong position.

With new associate levels stagnating, most companies operating in the market have started to look at locating new talent in the quest to improve both productivity and income.

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