About us

Equal Justice Ltd was the incorporation of “Lawrence Davies & Co”, which opened in October 2003.
EJS commenced trading in April 2005. Its owner and Director, Lawrence Davies, qualified at a City10 firm,
before quitting the City to do human rights work. He wished to provide legal services that rivalled those offered by the top City firms, but with a significant difference: quality advice but at a price that did not leave individuals and many businesses ‘costed out’ of justice. He pioneered the concept of “affordable representation” from first advice to trial. We look for the best costs-benefit outcome for our clients. We are expert negotiators and mediators. We believe that settlements out of court often offer the best value for both parties. However, we do not compromise claims where the offer is not satisfactory.   Employers should have the opportunity to defend misconceived claims, and victims of bad treatment, the right to fight and win those claims. Our success record on both fronts is second to none.

For Employees,
we have a proven track record in successfully suing major corporations and public bodies.

For Employers,
we apply the same innovative approach
and with equal success.

Quick victories

The best victories are those won early. We are not afraid to fight cases but if early resolution is both achievable and desirable, we will provide you with the tools to achieve that goal.

Utilising our expertise, 85% of our cases are settled before they reach an Employment Tribunal, thus helping to avoid expensive litigation costs for our clients

Successful outcomes

Should settlement not be viable, and you end up in the Employment Tribunal, we offer a cost effective, and successful, advocacy service. Of those cases that do end up going to trial – we win 75%.