EJS is best known for its high-profile and innovative work
in the fields of discrimination law and whistle-blowing such as:

It ran the Baby P whistle-blower claim (Nevres Kemal) which forced
the Government to establish an independent inquiry.
It won the school whistle-blower claim (Colin Cook), which forced the Saudi Arabian government to issue new school text books to replace the discriminatory
"Jews are monkeys and Christians are pigs" books It won the Metropolitan Police whistle-blower claim (Howard Shaw)

Its Director defeated the USA on a sex discrimination claim
It defeated HSBC and the Sun newspaper on race discrimination claims
It defeated the Ministry of Defence on a sex discrimination claim
It secured the highest discrimination award this Century

EJS acts for workers (employees, casual workers and the self-employed),
trade unions and responsible employers.
EJS offers City quality advice at affordable rates. It has pioneered
"affordable representation" to try to ensure that its clients are not costed out of justice.
This means fixed/capped fees, lower hourly rates and, for employees,
no win, no fee (25%) agreements.
It regularly handles £ multi-million claims and recently achieved
an £8.5 million settlement.